The Fantastical Truth

Old books

Can you really here the mountains singing?

Do the trees actually sigh as the wind passes by?

Is there an enchanted land waiting to be discovered, behind this closet door?

Is there another world hidden in the clouds, or on the ocean floor?

Have you ever seen how the phoenix cries as it takes flight?

Can you hear the voices of sirens sing throughout the night?

Do fairies have tails, in fact, do they even have wings?

Does Leviathan continue to swim in the deep, or is he fast asleep?

How can a sword cut through water, and not through rocks?

How can you escape, when chained down by hundreds of locks?

They follow us, surround us, stalk us; dancing around us all the time.

We may never realize them, though they’ve existed long before we were alive.

I wonder about them; I wonder if they even exist.

The truth hidden in old books.

A never-ending mystery; an eternal adventure.

In order to solve the mystery;

To begin the adventure; to make the dream a reality.

I try to capture all these feelings and put them into words:

The Fantastical Truth.

The contradiction of a contradiction.

The wishes from those before can be found there.


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