Yes, You Do


Why does your every word relieve me?

The sound of your voice soothes me, so much that it makes me cry.

Yes, it makes me cry; for I know that because of my sins I do not deserve them.


Why do your beautiful dark eyes heal me?

They enchant me, like the will-o-wisps of the woods.

Yes, they lead me astray, and off the path I have been exiled to.


Why does your smile spread joy through me?

Your smile is so bright that it burns me right into my core.

Yes, it burns me; my dark stained soul smolders  I can no longer see.


Why does your warmth accept me?

It makes me feel desired, and I know that it must be a lie.

Yes, it must be; for you love everyone equally, regardless of who they are.


Why does your heart so persistently seek after me?

My heart aches; I wonder if you know what you are doing right now.

Yes, I ran from you once to save your light; only now I realize that you have followed mine.


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