And Yet Even So…

Red string of fate hands

Your love for me is patient and kind

But the only love I could give is painful and blind.

You’re on a stairway to heaven; trying to pull me inside

But I am on a highway to hell; the toll booth far behind.

You just want to be with me, by my side

But every feeling I’ve chosen to destroy and hide.

You dove deep to discover my personality

But I hate how you uncovered every part of me.

You and me happening was an accident

But it is on purpose the way I am ending it.

Your theories and statements were all honest, through and through

But you didn’t have to lie to me, to make me believe they were true.

You always look forward; wanting to know what will come to pass

But I am always too busy looking backward; trying to forget the past.

You are free and love that freedom, I can tell

But I want to control that freedom, even though I am free as well.

You are always so thoughtful, a wonderer at heart

But I am an avenger, with a rebellion to start.

Your love for me is tender, understanding and true

But my love is intense, complex and it will devour you.

And yet even so, we are still falling hard for one another

A mere shadow attracted to the light of the other.

Love so intense, that our differences meant nothing in its face

Like Pyramus and Thisbe, our love is doomed to a tragic fate.

We are tangled together, by the red string of fate; there seems no escape

But I, in order to save you; I will cut those strings away.


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