The Sun Rises Still



The sun rises on the cherry blossoms:

What will you do when the world forgets you?

The sun rises on the sunflowers:

When will all that was fought for be forgotten?

The sun rises on the chrysanthemums:

What will you do now that I’m gone?

The sun rises on the camellias

And the war has yet to be brought to an end.

The sun rises still, yes still it rises upon all of the flowers

And it will continue to do so forevermore!

Anterior to Realization

bryant park fountain.jpg


I gazed at her as

The wind toyed with her hair as

The sun played on her face

Her beauty is stunning

I wonder if she realized

How obsessed I am with her?


I watched him as

The birds chirped a love song and

He whistled jauntily along

He’s so handsome

Standing right there

Does he know what I’m thinking?


How entertaining it is to

Watch two people in love

Who have realized they are

But have yet to realize

That the feelings are mutual

Mused the fountain

So How About It?



Hey you,

Come on over here

Got somethin you’ll find interestin

Here’s my deal

Now you better be listenin

The streets are my home

24/7, 365 days a year

My life is from these streets

My trade is one you only find here

Specific to this side of the night

You found me at a good time

Must be your luck tonight

A good deal is my offer

A slice of heaven in my pocket

Some sand from distant seas

Powders of angel snow

Herbs from the orient

Dreams of the adventurer

Visions of a believer

They can all be yours

A dollar each for these

Twenty a packet for those

You’ll be sure for a good time

No matter which you choose

Just breathe that one in

And make sure you swallow those

I’ll be waitin here on the corner

So once you start cravin again

And need a long trip

Or a break for a few hours

Come and give me a holler

Whenever you need a fix

I’ll be on here on 43rd

So how about it?

Let Me



Let me cherish you,

If only for a day.

Let me be the one

To follow you.


Let me run before you

And guide your path.

Let me be the one

Who is your shield and sword.


Let me free you

From your solitude.

Let me; even though

You wish I’d go away.


Let me be your shelter,

A refuge from the storm.

Let my words be a fire,

To warm you through the night.


Let me provide for you

When you are unable to.

Let me do all these things,

Even though you don’t want me too.


Let me hold you,

For a fragment of time.

Let me be the one

To say,” I love you.”


Let me save you

From bottomless despair

I’ll be the sacrifice

In your place instead


Lovely Scars



You’re the one I should hate

But I don’t retribution seek

For our encounter was truly fate

Making the leader out of the meek


It was I who wanted to be your friend

And you were the wild card thrown in

I was the one who changed in the end

And you ended up being my lucky djinn


From this I’ve learned to let go

To pick my losses and move on from them

Cause by tearing me down you showed me a hero

Helped me discover that I was him


So these lovely scars I wear them with pride

They are proof of the existence of the other

They are a testament to standing by your side

Monuments on my flesh of our time together

Its Funny Baby

monsters dont sleep.jpg


Its funny baby

That you think I fantasize monsters

When I hear them sing in my head


Its funny baby

That you think I imagine demons

When they dance around my bed


Its funny baby

That you think I envision devils

When they visit every day clothed in red


Its funny baby

That you think I picture hellions

When on the ground a stain shows where I have bled


Its funny baby

That you thought they were daydreams

When because of them I’m now dead



No One May Win


I want to forgive myself

For being a fool of love

My dream is to forget you

That you ever existed

To forgive and forget

All that we could’ve been

All that should’ve happened

Wishing that things would go

Back to how it was before

But now that I’ve met you

I can no longer return to that life

I can’t go back to the past

I don’t want to go forward

Into the unknown future

I’m stuck in-between

With no plan of moving

And you unrelenting

Will not let me lie in peace

You force the gears of fate

To push me into place

Now it’s a battle of wills

Yours against mine’s

A war over my mind

Let us fight to the end

Where no one may win

Looking At You



Looking at you is like

Gazing into a dream

I’m not sure if I should be

Believing what I’m seeing


Looking at you is like

Peeking into a deep well

The surface makes the bottom

Appear closer than it actually is


Looking at you is like

Staring into a mirror

You’re similar to me yet

Different at the same time


Looking at you is like

Peering into a blue sky

So vast and insurmountable

Is the size of your heart