I wonder why you stare at me like that.

I feel them when I’m not looking;

My skin prickles from the feeling of their gaze.


I look up and my eyes lock onto yours;

Such a deep stare we hold,

Each probing and digging into the others head.


Our eyes attract attention:

My kaleidoscope eyes and your hazel eyes

Are drawn to the auras we both ooze.


Your eyes they bore intensely into my mind.

I hate the feeling of it, but still I fall into them;

Like an ominous cave, I still choose to wander inside.


How can your eyes be so attractive,

Yet so intrusive at the same time?

Frightening and exciting; the anticipation thrills me.


Yet we say nothing to each other,

We only stare deep into each other’s eyes,

Waiting for the day when our voices join the struggle.




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