Where to Begin

two people facing away


I see the gleam in your eyes as I pass

I know you see the flicker in mine

I’m not sure what to say, what to ask

But I’m sure you’re thinking the same as I


We both know how things will ensue

Either you’ll call to me first with a grin

Or I’ll sneak up and surprise you as I do

A sudden rush causes my world to spin


But that is all we that we communicate

There’s so much more I wish to say

I know that you also feel the same ache

My heart calls out for you to stay


We both are searching for an answer

To how our friendship so close

Got so easily blown asunder

It’s mostly my fault, I suppose


But what bothers me is why you made

To decide to play this game anew

Why are we back at this charade

When I left to liberate you


I ignore the cries spilling from my heart

Why you remain silent, I cannot comprehend

We leave, since we don’t know how to start

Both left to wonder on where to begin


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