So How About It?



Hey you,

Come on over here

Got somethin you’ll find interestin

Here’s my deal

Now you better be listenin

The streets are my home

24/7, 365 days a year

My life is from these streets

My trade is one you only find here

Specific to this side of the night

You found me at a good time

Must be your luck tonight

A good deal is my offer

A slice of heaven in my pocket

Some sand from distant seas

Powders of angel snow

Herbs from the orient

Dreams of the adventurer

Visions of a believer

They can all be yours

A dollar each for these

Twenty a packet for those

You’ll be sure for a good time

No matter which you choose

Just breathe that one in

And make sure you swallow those

I’ll be waitin here on the corner

So once you start cravin again

And need a long trip

Or a break for a few hours

Come and give me a holler

Whenever you need a fix

I’ll be on here on 43rd

So how about it?


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