No One May Win


I want to forgive myself

For being a fool of love

My dream is to forget you

That you ever existed

To forgive and forget

All that we could’ve been

All that should’ve happened

Wishing that things would go

Back to how it was before

But now that I’ve met you

I can no longer return to that life

I can’t go back to the past

I don’t want to go forward

Into the unknown future

I’m stuck in-between

With no plan of moving

And you unrelenting

Will not let me lie in peace

You force the gears of fate

To push me into place

Now it’s a battle of wills

Yours against mine’s

A war over my mind

Let us fight to the end

Where no one may win


Looking At You



Looking at you is like

Gazing into a dream

I’m not sure if I should be

Believing what I’m seeing


Looking at you is like

Peeking into a deep well

The surface makes the bottom

Appear closer than it actually is


Looking at you is like

Staring into a mirror

You’re similar to me yet

Different at the same time


Looking at you is like

Peering into a blue sky

So vast and insurmountable

Is the size of your heart



railroad tracks | Grew up on a Railroad Track!:


I once met a man

A man that had a vision

So determined with his path was he

I could not help but fall for him


I did all that I could

To follow you as I thought I should

But you were just too bright for me

It was impossible for me; I couldn’t stop crying


Where our paths diverged

I prayed that they would eventually merge

And walked the lower road

With no companion as long ago


Now I find that once more

Our paths have crossed over

Now I don’t know what to do

When I keep staring back at you





I once heard a wise man say,

“Don’t give anything to tomorrow,

That you’ve given to yesterday.”


He continued with his prattle,

“For your mistakes do not sorrow,

For there is still time left today.”


He next told me that I should,

“Not fill thoughts of the future,

With today’s sorrow and dismay.”


“There will come a tomorrow,

When you no longer regret today:”

But I didn’t listen; I shot myself anyway.



“While History repeats itself,

The Past cannot be replicated,”

I said.


“History doesn’t matter,

Only the Future is important,”

You replied.


“The Future is impossible,

Without understanding the Past,”

I quipped.


“The Past doesn’t matter,

When you live in the Future,”

He retorted.


“Those who don’t respect the Past,

Are destined to repeat it,”

I answered.


“Those who don’t live in the Future,

Are left behind with the relics,”

He countered.


We will never know who was right,

But because we could make no agreements,

We let the present slip away.

Where to Begin

two people facing away


I see the gleam in your eyes as I pass

I know you see the flicker in mine

I’m not sure what to say, what to ask

But I’m sure you’re thinking the same as I


We both know how things will ensue

Either you’ll call to me first with a grin

Or I’ll sneak up and surprise you as I do

A sudden rush causes my world to spin


But that is all we that we communicate

There’s so much more I wish to say

I know that you also feel the same ache

My heart calls out for you to stay


We both are searching for an answer

To how our friendship so close

Got so easily blown asunder

It’s mostly my fault, I suppose


But what bothers me is why you made

To decide to play this game anew

Why are we back at this charade

When I left to liberate you


I ignore the cries spilling from my heart

Why you remain silent, I cannot comprehend

We leave, since we don’t know how to start

Both left to wonder on where to begin