The Child Within Us

As children.jpg

Let us always remember
When by the creek we would play
Let us never lose the child within us
And be knights, superstars, heroes
For the rest of our days


Faithful and loyal let us be
Like our pets we once trained
With the humility of an acorn
And the cheerfulness of a daisy
Like a child let us be this way


For all those who think we are foolish
In wishing our childhoods to stay
We are for the most better
For saving the children in us
Instead of sending them away


For in saving the child within us

We forever young will remain

For as the great teacher once taught us

“Only those who come to me as children,

Will come to heaven to reign.”

The Spell of the Dew

buttercup stream

I wonder if you still remember

Sitting on that grassy hill?

Even if you’ve forgotten all of them

I dream of it still.


I feel so nostalgic and young

Those carefree days seem so far away;

With not a burden on our minds,

Living day by day.


Then summer was over

And we were to go our separate ways

“We never got to do all we wanted to do,”

I said, “I wish we can come again.”


Sitting on the dewy grass

The bottom of my jeans growing wet;

Sitting across the stream from each other

Memories I’ll never forget.


Reaching across that little stream

Taking my hand he said to me,

“Let’s make a pinky promise,

That won’t be broken by land or sea.”


We then made a plan

To travel around the world;

We would both keep in contact

In order to plan for more.


By that pinky promise

We both so dubiously swore,

But I guess it’s different for you now

You don’t care anymore.


Did you just say that

To make me feel better?

You couldn’t even tell me it was a lie

Not even send a little letter?


I kept my end of the bargain

Email after email I dutifully sent.

But see, what tore my heart apart

Was that a reply I would never get.


Out of all people, you did this to me

You betrayed my trust in you,

I guess you were not under the same spell

As I was with the beautiful dew.


But now I am strong

And from this point I have moved on.

I have forgiven, but won’t forget

The dew has not all evaporated yet.

Leaving me with the memory of that stream’s rush;

The feelings in that scene’s hush.

Ambivalent Heart



She hates herself

She hates herself

She hates the way her heart lies

Throwing and pulling her back

Telling her to love one

When she still is in love with another

Betraying her mind consistently

She compulsively follows

Breaking her a little more each time

Her indecision not of her own choice

But rather given by fate or birth

Trapped in a never-ending cycle

Caught by her ambivalent heart

A Little Bit Jealous



When I see you close

With other girls

I can’t help but start

Getting a little bit jealous


I want you all to myself

I can barely stand

Sharing your time with others

Call me overzealous


I expect your love for me

Solely for myself

But I still keep my own independence

Like the genus Felis


So it’s my fault and mine alone

When you start drifting away

But still, you can’t blame me

For getting a little bit jealous


My Worst Fear

paint splatter


I wonder

If how you would react

Would still be the same as them

After all of those stories

They learned

I wonder

If your touch will still remain

On me the same way

After these scars

You feel

I wonder

If those eyes will still look

At me the same way

After all my secrets

They unlock

I wonder

If that mouth will still eat

With me the same way

After all my crimes

It remembers

I wonder

If those ears will still listen

To me the same way

After all my deeds

They hear


 Worst fear

Is that what I wonder

Will come true and that your

Shiny pedestal of me would then

Come crashing down

Seeing me for

Who I truly


Trust Fall



Lord I want to see you take up

All my worries and cares

I’m crying out for you

My heart can no longer handle

All of these burdens

After all this time I’m caving in

And giving it all to you

Finally letting go of my life

And free falling

Trusting that you will catch me

Before I hit rock bottom

Or that you will teach me

How to fly