The Fate of Those on Sidewalks

Penny on Sidewalk


I see you there

Lying on the cold cement.

Destitute in the puddle;

The rain steadily beats down on us.


A dull, cold scrap

Is what you are.

Fallen from someone’s pocket

And left to the fate of these sidewalks


I wonder how long

You’ve laid there.

Seconds, minutes, days, years;

Time holds no meaning for you.


Long ago you once

Shone and were valued,

But now you are dulled;

No longer considered a treasure.


Many have passed by;

Have any stopped to stare at you?

Did any stop to think

Whether to stay or to leave you too?


What do you think, little penny?

Do you miss the feeling of warmth

Or of usefulness in your coppery body?

If so, then I will take you with me.



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