The Spell of the Dew

buttercup stream

I wonder if you still remember

Sitting on that grassy hill?

Even if you’ve forgotten all of them

I dream of it still.


I feel so nostalgic and young

Those carefree days seem so far away;

With not a burden on our minds,

Living day by day.


Then summer was over

And we were to go our separate ways

“We never got to do all we wanted to do,”

I said, “I wish we can come again.”


Sitting on the dewy grass

The bottom of my jeans growing wet;

Sitting across the stream from each other

Memories I’ll never forget.


Reaching across that little stream

Taking my hand he said to me,

“Let’s make a pinky promise,

That won’t be broken by land or sea.”


We then made a plan

To travel around the world;

We would both keep in contact

In order to plan for more.


By that pinky promise

We both so dubiously swore,

But I guess it’s different for you now

You don’t care anymore.


Did you just say that

To make me feel better?

You couldn’t even tell me it was a lie

Not even send a little letter?


I kept my end of the bargain

Email after email I dutifully sent.

But see, what tore my heart apart

Was that a reply I would never get.


Out of all people, you did this to me

You betrayed my trust in you,

I guess you were not under the same spell

As I was with the beautiful dew.


But now I am strong

And from this point I have moved on.

I have forgiven, but won’t forget

The dew has not all evaporated yet.

Leaving me with the memory of that stream’s rush;

The feelings in that scene’s hush.


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