The Sirens’ Love Song

Spiky mermaid.jpg


Hey there fish bait

Why are you sailing here at this time of night?

Past our haunting voices

From you we would love to take a bite?


Only one of us may take you

And fortunately for you that would be me:

I’ll quickly entrance and kill you

Instead of killing you slow and painfully.


Let my melody surround you

And slowly invade your mind through your ears;

My music will possess you

With magic even more ancient than my years.


There is nothing to fear sailor

You will die shrouded in rhythm; oblivious in ecstasy.

I thank you for your sacrifice

For on this beautiful night; I finally get to feast!




That Old Rhyme



“A tiskit a tasket

A green and yellow basket

I wrote a letter to my love

And on the way I dropped it,

I dropped it,

I dropped it,

And on the way I dropped it

A little boy he picked it up and put it in his pocket.”


Who asked it, who asked it

My love has left in an iron casket

I sent her a letter a year ago

But she has yet to reply to it,

To reply to it,

To reply to it,

But she has yet to reply to it

A man dropped by and gave me your packet.


I think of it, I think of it

That old rhyme makes my sorrow skyrocket

The letter that I sent to her

The reply she never got to send it,

To send it,

To send it,

The reply she never got to send it

All that is left of you is this small locket.

Who Will Save You?



Who will save you

Now when all of your wealth

Has faded away?


Who will save you

Now when all of your land

Has been stolen?


Who will save you

Now when all of your family

Has passed away?


Who will save you

Now when your own body

Turns against you?


Who will save you

Now when even your friends

Come to mock you?


As for me, I know;

He will save me alive,

But do you believe,

That He will come save you too?

The Fate of Those on Sidewalks

Penny on Sidewalk


I see you there

Lying on the cold cement.

Destitute in the puddle;

The rain steadily beats down on us.


A dull, cold scrap

Is what you are.

Fallen from someone’s pocket

And left to the fate of these sidewalks


I wonder how long

You’ve laid there.

Seconds, minutes, days, years;

Time holds no meaning for you.


Long ago you once

Shone and were valued,

But now you are dulled;

No longer considered a treasure.


Many have passed by;

Have any stopped to stare at you?

Did any stop to think

Whether to stay or to leave you too?


What do you think, little penny?

Do you miss the feeling of warmth

Or of usefulness in your coppery body?

If so, then I will take you with me.


Though the Seasons Change

Even though the seasons


In the summer she first met him,

The connection was instantly there:

She said, “I don’t know how it happened

But I was captivated by his stare.”


The leaves eventually changed colors,

But the girl? She was in despair.

For the connection they once had,

He had misplaced somewhere.


Once again as the last leaf fell

She donned the mask with the glare.

Winter froze over her bleeding heart

Helping her find solace there.


Soon the earth started thawing out

The ice bandage melted, causing her to scare:

For as all of the snow receded,

He found where the feeling was snared.


He returned and she struggled at first,

Her heart had suffered wear and tear.

But unapologetically  he pursued her,

And once again they are in this affair.


Now together they stood in spring,

Flowers gave blossom everywhere;

But the seasons suddenly changed,

The snow drifted down through the air.


He stared over at her profile

Standing perfectly still over there,

Snowflakes swirling about her figure

And landing in the girl’s hair.


And she shyly peered at him,

Once more captivated by his deep stare;

She still struggled deep inside her,

But to her worries she said a silent prayer,


“The seasons no longer apply to us,

I still feel my confusion there,

But one thing I can be certain of

Is that I will always care.”


“I pray that we are not careless

And are careful not to err:

Though the seasons change about us,

I hope your feelings will remain here.”


Saving My Heart

I don't hate you


I never want to do those things again

It reminds me of when we were friends

I hate the way that we’re now living

When I see you I have to pretend

Like what we were before never happened

I conceal my heart which is broken

And carry on like all that was, was nothing

But I’m lying to save my heart from bleeding

I can never tell you, I don’t hate you I admit

I’m going to just survive this pain without you