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How ironic is it

That the fish would fall in love

With her enemy the albatross?

It’s Only Relative

Jacaranda Street

We walked down a sunny road

With spring throughout the air

But my mind was in darker thoughts.

I looked over at him; talented, smart and cool

His aura overwhelming mine.

How can he be so amazing?

I explained to him what was in my head.


“Everyone I meet is more talented than me;

Actors, musicians, writers, poets,

For their next work is the world waiting.


Everyone I meet is cooler than me;

Talkative, friendly, easy-going,

With splendid tricks up their sleeve.


Everyone I know is smarter than me;

Scientists, math whizzes, inventors,

They are overflowing with creativity.


What could have possibly gone wrong with me?

Talent-less, foolish, idiot;

Why is everyone so far ahead of me?”


He then turned and said to me,

“Are they truly all that cool, so smart, very talented?

I will tell you what I truly believe.

All these things you mentioned,

Are only relative to whom is seeing.

If only you could see what I see in you,

Then you would finally believe.”