It’s Only Relative

Jacaranda Street

We walked down a sunny road

With spring throughout the air

But my mind was in darker thoughts.

I looked over at him; talented, smart and cool

His aura overwhelming mine.

How can he be so amazing?

I explained to him what was in my head.


“Everyone I meet is more talented than me;

Actors, musicians, writers, poets,

For their next work is the world waiting.


Everyone I meet is cooler than me;

Talkative, friendly, easy-going,

With splendid tricks up their sleeve.


Everyone I know is smarter than me;

Scientists, math whizzes, inventors,

They are overflowing with creativity.


What could have possibly gone wrong with me?

Talent-less, foolish, idiot;

Why is everyone so far ahead of me?”


He then turned and said to me,

“Are they truly all that cool, so smart, very talented?

I will tell you what I truly believe.

All these things you mentioned,

Are only relative to whom is seeing.

If only you could see what I see in you,

Then you would finally believe.”

You Took Too Long

Took to long


What does he want?

Last time they played,

Her love to him was a game.

This time though,

His intentions have changed.

But it may be to late!

She must have moved on!

How do you feel now, lover boy?

You took too long to realize it.

Has she left those feelings behind?

Is there any chance, even the slightest?

Questions in his mind,

Playing on repeat.

Find your way young man!

Fear not the questions in your way!

You’ll never learn unless you try:

This time stare deep into her eyes,

Even though she tries to pull away.

Grab hold of those feelings,

And dive back into her heart;

Take yourself back to the start.



Evening star.jpg


Do you feel that in the air tonight?

The smell of the night brings my soul to life.

Shading my parched soul from the draining light.

Reviving me in the darkness; the causes of others fright.


Come, look up at the sky!

The first star to breach the eventide.

The tranquility I find in this time, others deny.

Their opinions matter not to me, since you understand why.



Dance In The Rain

splashing puddle


Come fearful one,

And dance with me

In the pouring rain.

There is no reason

To be so shy

Or filled with shame.

All you have to do

Is stare deep into my eyes;

Listen to me softly calling your name.

Oh ye of little faith,

Put your faith in these all-mighty arms

That even the strongest waves,

I can immediately calm!