It’s Time to Breathe



What do you think you’re doing?

Come on, stop playing with me

Give me your attention and time or nothing

Don’t be so wishy washy

You don’t realize how certain I am about you

Does that scare you so much?

Being committed to just one only?


Your indecision is rubbing off on me

My heart is unsettled and scattered

Are you going to pick up those pieces?

It’s all your fault you know

Don’t hunt me down only to quit now

You’re confusing me, please

Stop this farce, let’s get back to the start


Why can’t we be crystal clear?

We’ve been swimming in murky waters too long

Let’s be honest; let’s cut to the chase

Don’t swim deeper to escape

Come back to the surface, no more games, I swear

I’m telling you this with honesty

Come here darling; it’s time to breathe


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