The Tea Man

Man selling Chai.jpg


There again the tea man sits on the corner

Each day the same as the one before

Selling Chai to passer byers

Crying out for them to taste his herbs

He only barely scraps by one day to the next

Each investment for tea leaves quickly spent

He can never make enough money

To rise out of his poverty


Across the street from the vendor is a statue

Perhaps dedicated to either Brahma or Vishnu

It never calls for nor entreats

For the masses to bow at its feet

They come on their own from miles away

To pay homage in this very way

Of their troubles to the rock they attest

Hoping and praying that god listens at best


The irony of the tea man and the statue is

Neither of them will ever win

The tea man will never have enough customers that will buy

The statue is inanimate; it will never tell the truth or a lie

And all the misguided people are trapped in this twisted fate

They think by following they will be “free,” though they have no say

These cruel chains a “religion” has created to control the populace

When only true freedom is gained, when every chain is bought by grace


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