Every Single Night



When you cry yourself to sleep

In the middle of the night

Know that I see all

You only need to look behind


In that dark, dismal hole

You drag yourself to every night

And pump your veins full of venom

Know that I am always behind


The loneliness from which you run

And try to find tonight

You won’t find it in a lover’s bed

You’ll find it if you look behind


From the yelling and the screaming

That you run away from each night

And scream in the darkness

I feel your pain as I stand right behind


As your loveliness is stolen

On such a beautiful night

And stare at this hidden stranger

I cry for you from behind


The child that was to be born

Was lost this very night

As you cry together

I comfort you from behind


As in your life you struggle

Just fall back behind

Know that I will always catch you

Every single night




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