I want you

i want you


I want you so simply

Your eyes

Your sillyness

Your smile

Your laugh

I long to be together

With you again


I want you so intensely

Your breath

Your whispers

Your warmth

Your touch

I long to be together

As one with you again


I want you so emotionally

Your steadyness

Your peace

Your guidance

Your kindness

I long to be together

Just with you again


I’m waiting

To be


With you


Till we are reunited

I’ll be missing you

Bird In Paradise

Bird of Paradise


Why do they just stare,

Looking past me as if I’m not there

Will they only see me if I look spiffy

With makeup done and groomed hair?


Is it not enough

To live life filled with care and love

Instead of judging one another by our looks

Whether that chick is hot or that guy is tough?


Do they not appreciate this lonely bird

After it’s sad song they have heard?

Do all they care for is the sound of my voice?

Or all they care for is the plumage I gird?


What do they see when they look into my eyes?

Is all that they see a bird in paradise?

Do they not see the sadness, colder than ice,

Slowly killing this bird of paradise?

Little Miss Heartless

little miss heartless.jpg


Everything you do

Flows so easily; effortless.

It was never your intention

For your life to turn out like this.

That’s a shame though

Cause now you’re so thoughtless.

Your beauty is wasted,

Your company is tasteless,

You treat everyone like a path

That you can step all over it.

Your transgressions never forgiven,

Little Miss Heartless.

In Due Time

in due time

The only thing that comforts me

As we’re divided by this great space

Is that the time that we will be reunited

Approaches with the turn of every day

Wrapped up in each other’s arms

We’ll forget about all this pain

We can grasp time by its slippery sides

So that it will stay in its place


But oh, what a small comfort it is

When my brain attacks me on all sides,

My family into enemies became,

All my allies have turned against me

Those who I once called “friend”

Have all run away


So, this is what loneliness is

The feeling of the reeling

The emptiness revealed

That had been once concealed

I knew loneliness before

But it hurts even more

Because I got used to

Living in the light with you


I’m attacked constantly

For myself I feel empathy

It’s becoming so hard to see

The end of the tunnel and I begin to feel so


Though inside I know it isn’t


And I try not to feel so


So I scream desperately inside

Trashing blindly about, trying to not die

Doing anything I can to keep alive-


As I cry myself to sleep at night

I try to comfort my tears with the light

That shines from your warm dark eyes

Which in my memory still shines bright

Since I can’t see them, I fantasize

For you I find reason to try

To continue this dismal life

Cause I know, that I’ll

Be with you in due time

Ocean Waves

ocean waves

These ocean waves bring me closer to you

Every time I drift away

The next tide brings me right back

Even closer than where I started

Cold and salty, yet refreshing

As the fresh morning dew

These ocean waves, they become rocky and rough

The roaring of the sea is deafening

I am tossed by every crest and roll

But if I listen closely with you in my mind

They suddenly become calm and clear

Bringing me safely to shore

These ocean waves remind me of you

Your might is stronger than them

Your voice is louder than them

Though they surround me

You encompass even more than they do

Even all my sins scattered across the shore

You are the ocean waves that wipes over them

Discarding them out to sea

Making them only a distant memory

I abandon my old life and cast myself into you

Since you are the ocean waves that redeemed

A wretched sinner like me

I sink into these ocean waves that set me free

Why For You

fallen ballerina


I thought I could trust you

I gave my all to you

Layed out my heart to you

Sacrificed my time for you

My limited life for you

Lay down and died for you

But now I see you

For who you are, yes you

And you used me, yes you

All this time did you

After all this time I think of you

And finally I wonder,

“How did I ever love you?”