Wishful Thinking

Mountain star sky


Your head is lost in the clouds

I wonder when you will come down

But I think

That I’m fine

Watching you from here


Your eyes follow the stars

Tracing their paths from afar

And I

Just sigh

Observing you over here



Your voice sings of the unknown

Telling of fables and legends untold

How do I


To be just like you


Cause only if I could revive in another life

I would rise along with you and fly

But these chains tie me down to reality

Oh, how I long to be free

I do realize that all it’ll ever be

Is wishful thinking



4 Replies to “Wishful Thinking”

    1. My poem is about two people. The one who is free and the one who is not. This poem can be interpreted as one likes, but this explanation is how I feel. The thoughts of the chained person start off like he/she doesn’t care for the expressiveness of the other, but later show how much this person wishes to be like them. But, because of whatever reason, this person cannot ever join he/she.

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      1. Aww that’s so incredible! It kind of reminds me of the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament. It’s a love story and it talks of a woman who’s looking for her lover.

        On my bed at night I sought him
        whom my soul loves—
        I sought him but I did not find him.

        “Let me rise then and go about the city,
        through the streets and squares;
        Let me seek him whom my soul loves.”
        I sought him but I did not find him.

        The watchmen found me,
        as they made their rounds in the city:
        “Him whom my soul loves—have you seen him?”


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