It’s Summer In New York City

It’s summer in New York City

The sun is shining bright

Nonstop movement from dusk to twilight

The skyline gives shape to the night

Listen to the sounds of the city

The ice cream truck with it’s jingles

A scream, a holler

Patalitos for a dollar

The roar of low flying copters

And jets bringing people

In and out of this city

Hear the tunes of the subway

Someone struming his guitar on one platform

As on another someone plays smooth jazz

Both starving artists

Each trying to pave his own way

See the sights of the city

The swing of the train around the bend

And the people inside sway together

All caught up in their own world

But together in this one car

Watch the people of the city

The spray of open fire hydrants

On hot sweaty children

As grannies talk gossip

And grandpas play dominos

With bachata playing softly in the background

People sitting in front of the deli

Talking news and politics

This is the way of the city

Lovers walk down the street

Pressed up against each other

As if they could never let go

Those on their porches watch them

And take another puff

Secretly judging them

But are to high to let them know

On days like this in the city

Everyone just moves so slow

The humidity could be cut with a knife

On days like this

You don’t hear any sirens

No one argues

Just the sound of music

The noise of the ACs

The movement of life everywhere

It’s summer in New York City.


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