Say Goodbye

Say Goodbye.jpg


You’re too idealistic to broaden your perspective

You act like this world you are not a part

I’m too realistic to thoroughly believe you

It’s not your fault that we’ve fallen apart

I’m not sure which of us was first

To have that fatal change of heart

I do know that this is killing you

So let’s end this relationship that’s gone tart


I know you think you have the key

That you’re some kind of hero

Who’s answering his lady’s plea

However you don’t realize that

You’re not a doctor that can fix me

Even though I do need surgery

But at this point it’s a hopeless cause

No one can save me with all their healing


I’m being truthful and honest

So don’t come back and try to patronize

Win me back by telling all your lies

I know this part will hurt

But I will play the villain in order

That eventually once more you will rise

So take it all in when I say

“It’s time to say goodbye.”


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