No Voice


In this time of praise

Many rejoice

The birth of a son

Earth was his choice

But I alone find

That I have no voice

To praise his choice


When I open my lips

To shout my praise

The wind rushes by

And takes it away

My pen only writes

Blank words on a page

Yet not a word of praise


In this complacency

I find

That still your goodness

Is far too kind

Even though I have not

Surrendered my mind

You are still too kind


In my heart

I understand

That you came down

And died as a man

Salvation has come

To this land

My mind fails to understand


So I climb to the top

Of the highest hill

I search for you there

I wait there until

The stars come out

In them I see your will

I find it there in those hills


Can I at last

Surrender there

No longer be


Or will I stand

In the serpent’s snare




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