one candle

Little flame

Burning in the night

Keep on burning

Keep these eyes alight

Wax on melting

Hot tears do you cry

Do you cry of fear

When wick no longer ignite

Or from firey passion

That love keep burning bright

Please continue to shine

For selfish am I

Why ask when I am captor

Who holds hostage your light


Are You Really You?

Why can’t I move forward?

Can I never let go of you?

You are still a constant

On the tangents of my thoughts.

But why do you linger on?

Is it because of that indecision

So many years ago

That continues to haunt me

Those unresolved feelings

And emotions have come to rot

And decay in the empty wasteland

Of my bitter heart?

Or is it because that

I nursed those wistful feelings

For so many years and

When the chance came to

Reveal all those harbored secrets

I only discover that you’ve

Become someone that I don’t know?

Who are you now?

Where have your feet taken you?

Who are you anymore?

Are you really you?