Let me be the useful vessel that the Potter has molded me to be

Make me a vessel

That You may use me

Fill me up

That praises continually rise

That my joy will always overflow

That all may see and know

The miracle You’ve worked

On the inside

Of me.


Skilled artisan

Whose fingers fly over strings

To coax out melancholic notes

Your bow strikes unlike

Those that I am used to

That desire of flesh and blood

But your aim is more deadly

Its course fixated on my heart.

Dotting My Arms and Crossing My Stars

Is there hope in having our fingers crossed,

Or are we destined to be forever star-crossed?

Should I hope that these arms locked,

Will keep each other from falling apart?


Will the vows that from your lips promised

Be all that you said and more than it?

Maybe all that I’ll ever be is a skeptic,

But I question the strength of a mindless heart.


Love, you leave me breathless, yes you do

You also make me feel helpless, that much is true.

Like a child following blindly, is how I feel with you

Loving and being loved by you is a deconstructive art.