Never Loved

Can you say that you actually loved him

With all those men that you’re rolling through,

Those comments you’re posting on the internet,

The unprecedented shade you’re throwing,

Blasting on him to whoever who will listen?

Good girl gone bad my bootylicious ass,

You were that way right from the start.

The way that you carry yourself tells me different,

You never really loved him to begin with.



Little Miss Heartless

little miss heartless.jpg


Everything you do

Flows so easily; effortless.

It was never your intention

For your life to turn out like this.

That’s a shame though

Cause now you’re so thoughtless.

Your beauty is wasted,

Your company is tasteless,

You treat everyone like a path

That you can step all over it.

Your transgressions never forgiven,

Little Miss Heartless.

Why For You

fallen ballerina


I thought I could trust you

I gave my all to you

Layed out my heart to you

Sacrificed my time for you

My limited life for you

Lay down and died for you

But now I see you

For who you are, yes you

And you used me, yes you

All this time did you

After all this time I think of you

And finally I wonder,

“How did I ever love you?”

Loyalty of a Burr



“Why  do you always do this?”

Everyday they fight

“I dare you to say that again!”

There seems no end in sight


She brings in other situations

Poisonous words he spits at her

But no matter what he may do

She’ll stick to his side like a burr


She just stops and listens

Like a sponge those words she soaks up

He hurts, breaks, shatters her heart

But she never tells him to stop


Stop saying those things

Stop tearing her down!

Her once beautiful smile

Has been flipped around!


Look into her eyes

Tell her you love her again,

But when you say those words

Please actually mean them.


Buyer Beware

Fairy tail girl.jpg


I can give you a fairy tale love,

A wonderful fireworks display of passion;

Everything you ever dreamed of.

But be forewarned:

If you hurt me

I will bind you up,

Throw you into an ocean of silence,

And make you feel every ounce of pain

That you put me through.