I want you

i want you


I want you so simply

Your eyes

Your sillyness

Your smile

Your laugh

I long to be together

With you again


I want you so intensely

Your breath

Your whispers

Your warmth

Your touch

I long to be together

As one with you again


I want you so emotionally

Your steadyness

Your peace

Your guidance

Your kindness

I long to be together

Just with you again


I’m waiting

To be


With you


Till we are reunited

I’ll be missing you

Ocean Waves

ocean waves

These ocean waves bring me closer to you

Every time I drift away

The next tide brings me right back

Even closer than where I started

Cold and salty, yet refreshing

As the fresh morning dew

These ocean waves, they become rocky and rough

The roaring of the sea is deafening

I am tossed by every crest and roll

But if I listen closely with you in my mind

They suddenly become calm and clear

Bringing me safely to shore

These ocean waves remind me of you

Your might is stronger than them

Your voice is louder than them

Though they surround me

You encompass even more than they do

Even all my sins scattered across the shore

You are the ocean waves that wipes over them

Discarding them out to sea

Making them only a distant memory

I abandon my old life and cast myself into you

Since you are the ocean waves that redeemed

A wretched sinner like me

I sink into these ocean waves that set me free

For In Silence

girl writing.jpg

These words we write
Are written in silence
The laughter once there
Has been taken

In silence we write
These words of longing
Of desperation
For each other

The more words I write
The more you do
Thoroughly filled with
Our memories together

Yes in silence we write
But not in sadness
Rather full of hope
Aspirations of tomorrow

We send these words
Through the silence
A connection between us
Staring into destiny

Just A Little Faith

Ephesians 2 4-5

Cold belt around her throat
She’s beginning to choke
She sees stars and her vision clouds
She recalls his mocking face in the crowds
The pressure in her head exploding
Her brain is close to imploding
Her loneliness is tearing her apart
She hears silent whispers to her heart
I love you
I love you
She screams
You never loved me at all
The whispers louder
I Love You
I Love You
She cries
You tricked me; so that I should crawl
The whispers intensify more
She releases and falls on the floor
He was the one who tricked her
He was the one deceived her
He never told her he loved her
Her heart made no sense at all
Why would it tell her these words
From someone who never gave his all?
And only then did she realise
Her heart was not trying
To trick her through his lies
It wasn’t him who hurt
Tricked and tossed her aside
But it was actually He
Speaking truth and true love
That he bought for her
With his own precious blood
He loved her
He loved her
He loved her
He wanted to save her
No matter the cost
That’s why he gave up his life
And died on that cross
How can it be, she cried
For my life for you to save
He tells her very softly
Only through grace
And it all can be yours
With just a little faith

Every Single Night



When you cry yourself to sleep

In the middle of the night

Know that I see all

You only need to look behind


In that dark, dismal hole

You drag yourself to every night

And pump your veins full of venom

Know that I am always behind


The loneliness from which you run

And try to find tonight

You won’t find it in a lover’s bed

You’ll find it if you look behind


From the yelling and the screaming

That you run away from each night

And scream in the darkness

I feel your pain as I stand right behind


As your loveliness is stolen

On such a beautiful night

And stare at this hidden stranger

I cry for you from behind


The child that was to be born

Was lost this very night

As you cry together

I comfort you from behind


As in your life you struggle

Just fall back behind

Know that I will always catch you

Every single night



It’s Only Relative

Jacaranda Street

We walked down a sunny road

With spring throughout the air

But my mind was in darker thoughts.

I looked over at him; talented, smart and cool

His aura overwhelming mine.

How can he be so amazing?

I explained to him what was in my head.


“Everyone I meet is more talented than me;

Actors, musicians, writers, poets,

For their next work is the world waiting.


Everyone I meet is cooler than me;

Talkative, friendly, easy-going,

With splendid tricks up their sleeve.


Everyone I know is smarter than me;

Scientists, math whizzes, inventors,

They are overflowing with creativity.


What could have possibly gone wrong with me?

Talent-less, foolish, idiot;

Why is everyone so far ahead of me?”


He then turned and said to me,

“Are they truly all that cool, so smart, very talented?

I will tell you what I truly believe.

All these things you mentioned,

Are only relative to whom is seeing.

If only you could see what I see in you,

Then you would finally believe.”