Let me be the useful vessel that the Potter has molded me to be

Make me a vessel

That You may use me

Fill me up

That praises continually rise

That my joy will always overflow

That all may see and know

The miracle You’ve worked

On the inside

Of me.

A Question of the Note


In the outbreak of high racial tensions and divisions on campus, I wrote this to be a reminder to those who are followers of Christ. While this article is specifically addressed to those in my dorm, the purpose of it is applicable to everyone, regardless of being on a campus or not. In humility I present these thoughts and ask that although you may not agree with what I have to say, that at least you take it to heart and contemplate what you hold to be true. 

Dear Sisters,

You, and likely the rest of the campus, have heard of the racially biased note written to one of our sisters in Lambein. The context was that she was an unwelcome presence on campus based on her ethnicity. Around this time last year, a similar incident occurred at our sister college Roberts Wesleyan. While the student was out on an away game with his basketball team, his room was broken into: furniture was upturned, clothes flung all over the room, his wallet missing, and a racially derogative message was written on his wall. The students there also asked the same questions as we are today; “Why did this happen? This college was supposed to bring us together, so why are we more divided?”

Now I do not have an explanation for why or how this came to be or how we can resolve this. What I do have is a suggestion for a private examination of your own hearts. You don’t have to agree with what I say, I just want you all to think of where you stand and how you will make a change. Everyone, please get over yourselves. Now you must be like, “What this chick playing at, telling me to get over myself,” but hold on, I will explain. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, in an ethnically diverse neighborhood called East New York. The majority of the residents are Hispanics, Latinos, Caribbeans, Southern Asians and African Americans. My mother is Chinese and my father is of European decent- in summary we are considered the 1% of the 1%. However, I choose not to compare myself to my neighbors as a young, racially mixed woman; rather I present myself as a child of God and who I am in Him; this is something more than my physical attributes can ever define me as. You are a new being in Christ, the world can no longer define you by its standards: those around you will see and know who’s you are. What we are judged on is our character: while appearance plays a small factor to that, it does not compare to the value in a person.

To be honest, I am rather disappointed by the conflict here in Houghton. This college was supposed to be a place where we celebrated in our differences; instead we are growing more divided because of them. Where we are supposed to be growing and learning we are instead dividing and breaking down. Sisters, this is where I return to my original suggestion, please get over yourselves. Please get over yourselves and get into what God has made you to be. God has made us to be a family united, not divided. God has made us with differences, but has given us the best similarity, Jesus. Sisters, since he has made us all beautiful and loved equally in him, what more do we need? When our identity is placed in him; not in our looks, our race, our gender, our political views; when we drop all these things for Christ, we become a community united in faith and have much stronger ties than anything this world can offer. I conclude with this short poem I wrote, “What Will You Do With What You Have Seen?”

Did you see the note put under the door? The hate seething from its contents, directed to someone who has hopes and dreams of excelling, of relaxing and having fun with friends: to be dragged down to such a low- did you see the note put under the door?

Did you see the writing on the wall? The room thrown into disarray, cabinets and desks rummaged and rampaged, some items taken, others damaged, stat sheets and essays strewn across the floor. There’s a student left to piece together it all- did you see the writing on the wall?

What will you do with what you have seen? Will you point fingers at who’s to blame or brush it off as one does after losing a game? With love and compassion will you respond to the note? Will you paint over and forget what was on the wall? Would you progress or would you act like it has never been- what will you do with what you have seen?


No Voice


In this time of praise

Many rejoice

The birth of a son

Earth was his choice

But I alone find

That I have no voice

To praise his choice


When I open my lips

To shout my praise

The wind rushes by

And takes it away

My pen only writes

Blank words on a page

Yet not a word of praise


In this complacency

I find

That still your goodness

Is far too kind

Even though I have not

Surrendered my mind

You are still too kind


In my heart

I understand

That you came down

And died as a man

Salvation has come

To this land

My mind fails to understand


So I climb to the top

Of the highest hill

I search for you there

I wait there until

The stars come out

In them I see your will

I find it there in those hills


Can I at last

Surrender there

No longer be


Or will I stand

In the serpent’s snare



Take Me Lord

here I am.jpg


Your love is like a two edged sword

It conquers those who oppose me

Yet convicts me of my own wrongs as well


Your grace is like a over flooding river

It brings redemption to the parched land

But tosses me within its rough waves


Your mercy is like a blazing fire

It brings me long waited peace and comfort

However it singes and burns me as I draw closer


Lord, I want your love to strike me

Your grace to rush over me

Your mercy to consume me

Take me and make me into an instrument

Of your will, not my own, in this world

Ocean Waves

ocean waves

These ocean waves bring me closer to you

Every time I drift away

The next tide brings me right back

Even closer than where I started

Cold and salty, yet refreshing

As the fresh morning dew

These ocean waves, they become rocky and rough

The roaring of the sea is deafening

I am tossed by every crest and roll

But if I listen closely with you in my mind

They suddenly become calm and clear

Bringing me safely to shore

These ocean waves remind me of you

Your might is stronger than them

Your voice is louder than them

Though they surround me

You encompass even more than they do

Even all my sins scattered across the shore

You are the ocean waves that wipes over them

Discarding them out to sea

Making them only a distant memory

I abandon my old life and cast myself into you

Since you are the ocean waves that redeemed

A wretched sinner like me

I sink into these ocean waves that set me free

Just A Little Faith

Ephesians 2 4-5

Cold belt around her throat
She’s beginning to choke
She sees stars and her vision clouds
She recalls his mocking face in the crowds
The pressure in her head exploding
Her brain is close to imploding
Her loneliness is tearing her apart
She hears silent whispers to her heart
I love you
I love you
She screams
You never loved me at all
The whispers louder
I Love You
I Love You
She cries
You tricked me; so that I should crawl
The whispers intensify more
She releases and falls on the floor
He was the one who tricked her
He was the one deceived her
He never told her he loved her
Her heart made no sense at all
Why would it tell her these words
From someone who never gave his all?
And only then did she realise
Her heart was not trying
To trick her through his lies
It wasn’t him who hurt
Tricked and tossed her aside
But it was actually He
Speaking truth and true love
That he bought for her
With his own precious blood
He loved her
He loved her
He loved her
He wanted to save her
No matter the cost
That’s why he gave up his life
And died on that cross
How can it be, she cried
For my life for you to save
He tells her very softly
Only through grace
And it all can be yours
With just a little faith