Wanting You


Oh for you

Anything I would do

Compassionate, loving, self denying angel

You are blocked from my view

Like a star is blocked out by the sun in the day.


Oh but you

You shine the brightest; its true

When in my darkness I am consumed

Such a wonderful marvel

I am entranced by your slightest move.


Oh yes you

I am addicted to all that you do

Only you cannot fall under my control

Do you abhor the way I am?

All I wish for is your adoration; love me!


Oh now you

Help save me from my despair

You alone can rescue my evil soul

Or we will both drown

In the depths of our hypnotic, intense stare.


Addicted to This

light stripes


Oh, I hate the way you keep hurting me

But what I hate even more than that

Is how addicted you’ve got me

To the pain that you

Afflict upon


Dry Bones



The tears that we cry

Are no longer salty

But filled with blood

Shed from our brethren

Strewn across battle fields

Ransacked and defiled

The creatures of the earth

Pick at their dry bones

We wait and cry for them

Biding our time in captivity

Till they come back to life

And dance with us once more

It’s Time to Breathe



What do you think you’re doing?

Come on, stop playing with me

Give me your attention and time or nothing

Don’t be so wishy washy

You don’t realize how certain I am about you

Does that scare you so much?

Being committed to just one only?


Your indecision is rubbing off on me

My heart is unsettled and scattered

Are you going to pick up those pieces?

It’s all your fault you know

Don’t hunt me down only to quit now

You’re confusing me, please

Stop this farce, let’s get back to the start


Why can’t we be crystal clear?

We’ve been swimming in murky waters too long

Let’s be honest; let’s cut to the chase

Don’t swim deeper to escape

Come back to the surface, no more games, I swear

I’m telling you this with honesty

Come here darling; it’s time to breathe

Trust Fall



Lord I want to see you take up

All my worries and cares

I’m crying out for you

My heart can no longer handle

All of these burdens

After all this time I’m caving in

And giving it all to you

Finally letting go of my life

And free falling

Trusting that you will catch me

Before I hit rock bottom

Or that you will teach me

How to fly

The Fate of Those on Sidewalks

Penny on Sidewalk


I see you there

Lying on the cold cement.

Destitute in the puddle;

The rain steadily beats down on us.


A dull, cold scrap

Is what you are.

Fallen from someone’s pocket

And left to the fate of these sidewalks


I wonder how long

You’ve laid there.

Seconds, minutes, days, years;

Time holds no meaning for you.


Long ago you once

Shone and were valued,

But now you are dulled;

No longer considered a treasure.


Many have passed by;

Have any stopped to stare at you?

Did any stop to think

Whether to stay or to leave you too?


What do you think, little penny?

Do you miss the feeling of warmth

Or of usefulness in your coppery body?

If so, then I will take you with me.