Are You Really You?

Why can’t I move forward?

Can I never let go of you?

You are still a constant

On the tangents of my thoughts.

But why do you linger on?

Is it because of that indecision

So many years ago

That continues to haunt me

Those unresolved feelings

And emotions have come to rot

And decay in the empty wasteland

Of my bitter heart?

Or is it because that

I nursed those wistful feelings

For so many years and

When the chance came to

Reveal all those harbored secrets

I only discover that you’ve

Become someone that I don’t know?

Who are you now?

Where have your feet taken you?

Who are you anymore?

Are you really you?

Silhouette Portraiture


Your image

Forever emblazoned

On this ring.


No detail arising

To show the dimples and freckles

That once danced across your cheeks.


Just a profile

Of a beautiful figure, perhaps

Resembling a distinguished face.


Seeing you

Here on this portraiture

Never made me feel more out of place.


You died

So very, very long ago

Yet I trudge forward to the next age


standing alone.jpg

There he goes by again

He’s everywhere

But belongs nowhere

Everything is held captive in his stare

He watches all their lives

As I watch his

He longs to be a part of their world

But they don’t know he exists

So he watches their lives

And I watch his

He holds them captive in his stare

And they are all unaware

Of the power they hold

That keeps him alone 

That keeps him from overstepping his boundaries

Because all our eyes

Keep him over there




You stepped down and became my saving grace,

Away you have wiped the tears on my face,

From darkness you have pulled me into this place,

My unhappiness you continue to erase,

But now I can no longer write as I did once before,

So was the joy worth it to become a disgrace?



kitsune mask.jpg


She stares at me; eyes piercing,

Into my tell tale heart revealing,

“Why are you so sad?”

She asks, with eyes so clear.

I can’t stand it that she’s so near.

The distance between us

Hasn’t dulled her senses one bit.

Behind my smiling, masked face

She can see the turmoil and disgrace,

I can’t help but fill with hope:

She can be my saving grace.

But I glance to the side and see her,

The one who took my place.

The one who had stolen that position.

Against her I hold no regrets,

Only that I had let myself forget

In a couple of blessed, cursed seconds,

That I no longer have the right to covet

Her time and company.

Our friendship; no longer as strong

As deep, as intertwined,

As in love as it once was.

I feel myself breaking as I say,

“I’m just tired; that’s all.”

I laugh it off on the outside

As I wail and weep on the inside.

She stares back at me

And I can see her soul

Cracking at my dishonesty.