Haiku 9

Whenever the rain

comes pouring down, my heart longs

for my youthful days.

I’m doing this because I care about you

Beware, you beautiful flower,

evil is drawn to your looks,

your smell,

your life-giving energy;

not everything that comes to you

has good intentions,

cause even amongst the pollinators,

the butterflies and the bees,

there will be thieves,

the flies and the wasps

that will steal your nectar

and eat your petals

all in the name of

“I’m doing this because I care about you.”

The Willow of Richmond Street

In the spreading willow branches

I find myself swinging into the clouds,

Grabbing onto it’s long, tendrils and spiraling myself





Leaving those budding branches of life

Reaching into open air and crashing onto the ground

Sending uprooted dirt into the air

Like a less flashy Fourth of July

Splintering, pushing and breaking all the objects

That came in between the reestablished relationship

That I and the earth had rekindled.

Such was the death of the 43 year old Willow tree

That my father planted upon attaining this house.