Looking At You



Looking at you is like

Gazing into a dream

I’m not sure if I should be

Believing what I’m seeing


Looking at you is like

Peeking into a deep well

The surface makes the bottom

Appear closer than it actually is


Looking at you is like

Staring into a mirror

You’re similar to me yet

Different at the same time


Looking at you is like

Peering into a blue sky

So vast and insurmountable

Is the size of your heart




railroad tracks | Grew up on a Railroad Track!:


I once met a man

A man that had a vision

So determined with his path was he

I could not help but fall for him


I did all that I could

To follow you as I thought I should

But you were just too bright for me

It was impossible for me; I couldn’t stop crying


Where our paths diverged

I prayed that they would eventually merge

And walked the lower road

With no companion as long ago


Now I find that once more

Our paths have crossed over

Now I don’t know what to do

When I keep staring back at you


Where to Begin

two people facing away


I see the gleam in your eyes as I pass

I know you see the flicker in mine

I’m not sure what to say, what to ask

But I’m sure you’re thinking the same as I


We both know how things will ensue

Either you’ll call to me first with a grin

Or I’ll sneak up and surprise you as I do

A sudden rush causes my world to spin


But that is all we that we communicate

There’s so much more I wish to say

I know that you also feel the same ache

My heart calls out for you to stay


We both are searching for an answer

To how our friendship so close

Got so easily blown asunder

It’s mostly my fault, I suppose


But what bothers me is why you made

To decide to play this game anew

Why are we back at this charade

When I left to liberate you


I ignore the cries spilling from my heart

Why you remain silent, I cannot comprehend

We leave, since we don’t know how to start

Both left to wonder on where to begin


black roses fade


It’s been a while since we’ve last talked. I know this is awkward.

It is for me too. I know it’s too far for us to go back;

Back to how it used to be: back to how it should be.

But it’s already too late. But I still want to let you know;

Something I should have told you back when it started.

I’m sorry. For things that I intentionally did.

For the things I didn’t realize I did. For the things I will now do.

I’m so sorry for it all. I just hope you can forgive me.

I’ve already forgiven you. You’ve hurt me pretty bad as well.

I wonder if you have deep conversations with her.

If she listens to you like I did. If she understands you.

Cause it seems like she doesn’t. I guess you never wanted a good friend.

You only wanted shallow ones. I hope that makes you happy now.

You didn’t want a deep bound; even when we were friends.

You were surprised at how close we got.

I wonder if you are surprised how it ended so easily.

I am. I’m so hurt. I want to blame her.

I want to blame you for all of this.

But I’ll take responsibility; it’s the right thing to do.

It hurts to talk like this; like kids forced to apologize by their parents.

But if I don’t force myself; I’ll never apologize.

I would never reconcile with myself. I hope you can move on.

I see you’ve already found happiness. Take care of it.

Learn from the mistakes we’ve made; don’t repeat them again.

Treasure your friends. Protect them from their enemies.

Protect them from each other. Protect them from themselves.

Like I once tried; like I once did.

Even now I care deeply for you: I wonder if you know that.

I guess you never will. You probably think I hate you.

I don’t. But you’ll never know that: will you?

Besides, I’m letting you go. It’s best that it ends like this.

Mending things won’t work. Please don’t make the same mistakes again.

Please find happiness in your life. Please don’t miss me too much.


A Reminiscent Friend

Ode To The Stars


You were the one by my side

 When there was no one else

You were the one who brushed off my back

When I fell down

You were the one who was always there for me

When I needed someone to listen

You were the one with the tissue box

To wipe my tears away

You were the one to make me smile

When all I knew was to frown

You were the one that healed my broken heart

When it was falling apart

You were the one who gave me a new song

When I had grown tired of singing

You were the one who gave me this story

When I had lost all hope

You were the one and will continue to be the one

I will write endlessly of our story

I will tell it to all who cross my path

And I will sing it to the stars

That all will remember us

And sing it for me

Long after

I have lost

My voice

The Way of the Heart

succulents wall.jpg

I hate the way that I love you

I hate being so weak, so vulnerable

All my barriers, you have them breaking apart

You didn’t even have to walk around them seven times

To make them crash down


I hate the way that I love you

Your every look, your every smile

Fills my empty heart with new emotions

Like a pot that has yet to be fired, you still fill me up

And I slowly break apart


I hate the way that I love you

How your words wrap around me

The way your voice melts into my ears

A sweet melody that I wish to sing along to

With my tainted lips


I hate the way that I love you

To have your touch unravel me

Offering a sweet escape to beautiful things

Relieving my burdened body from all my cares

A cleansing of my soul



I hate the way that you love me

And to wonder why you decided that

It should be me to direct your affections to

With so many other women to choose from

You decide to love me

And Yet Even So…

Red string of fate hands

Your love for me is patient and kind

But the only love I could give is painful and blind.

You’re on a stairway to heaven; trying to pull me inside

But I am on a highway to hell; the toll booth far behind.

You just want to be with me, by my side

But every feeling I’ve chosen to destroy and hide.

You dove deep to discover my personality

But I hate how you uncovered every part of me.

You and me happening was an accident

But it is on purpose the way I am ending it.

Your theories and statements were all honest, through and through

But you didn’t have to lie to me, to make me believe they were true.

You always look forward; wanting to know what will come to pass

But I am always too busy looking backward; trying to forget the past.

You are free and love that freedom, I can tell

But I want to control that freedom, even though I am free as well.

You are always so thoughtful, a wonderer at heart

But I am an avenger, with a rebellion to start.

Your love for me is tender, understanding and true

But my love is intense, complex and it will devour you.

And yet even so, we are still falling hard for one another

A mere shadow attracted to the light of the other.

Love so intense, that our differences meant nothing in its face

Like Pyramus and Thisbe, our love is doomed to a tragic fate.

We are tangled together, by the red string of fate; there seems no escape

But I, in order to save you; I will cut those strings away.