Never Loved

Can you say that you actually loved him

With all those men that you’re rolling through,

Those comments you’re posting on the internet,

The unprecedented shade you’re throwing,

Blasting on him to whoever who will listen?

Good girl gone bad my bootylicious ass,

You were that way right from the start.

The way that you carry yourself tells me different,

You never really loved him to begin with.




In Due Time

in due time

The only thing that comforts me

As we’re divided by this great space

Is that the time that we will be reunited

Approaches with the turn of every day

Wrapped up in each other’s arms

We’ll forget about all this pain

We can grasp time by its slippery sides

So that it will stay in its place


But oh, what a small comfort it is

When my brain attacks me on all sides,

My family into enemies became,

All my allies have turned against me

Those who I once called “friend”

Have all run away


So, this is what loneliness is

The feeling of the reeling

The emptiness revealed

That had been once concealed

I knew loneliness before

But it hurts even more

Because I got used to

Living in the light with you


I’m attacked constantly

For myself I feel empathy

It’s becoming so hard to see

The end of the tunnel and I begin to feel so


Though inside I know it isn’t


And I try not to feel so


So I scream desperately inside

Trashing blindly about, trying to not die

Doing anything I can to keep alive-


As I cry myself to sleep at night

I try to comfort my tears with the light

That shines from your warm dark eyes

Which in my memory still shines bright

Since I can’t see them, I fantasize

For you I find reason to try

To continue this dismal life

Cause I know, that I’ll

Be with you in due time

Why For You

fallen ballerina


I thought I could trust you

I gave my all to you

Layed out my heart to you

Sacrificed my time for you

My limited life for you

Lay down and died for you

But now I see you

For who you are, yes you

And you used me, yes you

All this time did you

After all this time I think of you

And finally I wonder,

“How did I ever love you?”

Just A Little Faith

Ephesians 2 4-5

Cold belt around her throat
She’s beginning to choke
She sees stars and her vision clouds
She recalls his mocking face in the crowds
The pressure in her head exploding
Her brain is close to imploding
Her loneliness is tearing her apart
She hears silent whispers to her heart
I love you
I love you
She screams
You never loved me at all
The whispers louder
I Love You
I Love You
She cries
You tricked me; so that I should crawl
The whispers intensify more
She releases and falls on the floor
He was the one who tricked her
He was the one deceived her
He never told her he loved her
Her heart made no sense at all
Why would it tell her these words
From someone who never gave his all?
And only then did she realise
Her heart was not trying
To trick her through his lies
It wasn’t him who hurt
Tricked and tossed her aside
But it was actually He
Speaking truth and true love
That he bought for her
With his own precious blood
He loved her
He loved her
He loved her
He wanted to save her
No matter the cost
That’s why he gave up his life
And died on that cross
How can it be, she cried
For my life for you to save
He tells her very softly
Only through grace
And it all can be yours
With just a little faith

The Tea Man

Man selling Chai.jpg


There again the tea man sits on the corner

Each day the same as the one before

Selling Chai to passer byers

Crying out for them to taste his herbs

He only barely scraps by one day to the next

Each investment for tea leaves quickly spent

He can never make enough money

To rise out of his poverty


Across the street from the vendor is a statue

Perhaps dedicated to either Brahma or Vishnu

It never calls for nor entreats

For the masses to bow at its feet

They come on their own from miles away

To pay homage in this very way

Of their troubles to the rock they attest

Hoping and praying that god listens at best


The irony of the tea man and the statue is

Neither of them will ever win

The tea man will never have enough customers that will buy

The statue is inanimate; it will never tell the truth or a lie

And all the misguided people are trapped in this twisted fate

They think by following they will be “free,” though they have no say

These cruel chains a “religion” has created to control the populace

When only true freedom is gained, when every chain is bought by grace

Goodbye Felicia!

felicia 2.jpg


Do you know how many tears for you I’ve cried?

How much my soul inside of me has died?

Now you come back wanting to be my friend,

Long after all of my tears have dried?


I don’t want anything to do with you,

You used me as an engineer does a tool.

You take me as a fool to get tricked once more?

It’s too late; I’ve thrown all those feelings out the door.


I’ve grown so much from the harm you’ve done to me

So don’t act like you were the persecuted one when I was the one dying.

I thought I was helping you up, when in reality you were dragging me down.

So goodbye, have a nice life; never again do I want to see you around!