She can’t stay asleep

In her dreams she is

Haunted, sought after, wanted

The heat of his gaze

She can feel coursing through her

Even though it’s only a dream


That’s why she barely sleeps

He’s there haunting her

He never leaves that space

That’s why she stays awake

It’s a figment of her imagination

That it’s a long past reality


He’s on Top

She loved to make lists.

Her favorite one was

About things that she loved,

But could also harm her:

Vipers, scorpions, bears and sharks

Thorns, claws, talons and burrs

Tigers, tarantulas, wasps and hawks

Guns, swords, chemicals and liquor.

That’s where she placed him,

At the very top of the page.

Silhouette Portraiture


Your image

Forever emblazoned

On this ring.


No detail arising

To show the dimples and freckles

That once danced across your cheeks.


Just a profile

Of a beautiful figure, perhaps

Resembling a distinguished face.


Seeing you

Here on this portraiture

Never made me feel more out of place.


You died

So very, very long ago

Yet I trudge forward to the next age

Big Titans



These are the days

When the readers become writers

And the writers the words


These are the days

When the audience becomes the speakers

And the speakers the movement


These are the days

When the listeners become the singers

And the singers the score


These are the days

When the watchers become the players

And the players the game


These are the days

When the followers become the leaders

And the leaders the example


These are the days

When the present becomes the story

And the story the lesson


These are the days

When the old makes way for the new

And the old becomes the path

On which little giants

Learn to fill the footsteps

Of the big titans before them

Closing In



He sees her standing

As he enters the room

No one else watches

Except her


No matter where he moves

Her eyes remain on him

Sharp, unerveing



She starts walking

Circling him

The Huntress

The Bird of Prey


The beauty of power

That she wears smoothly

As her lipstick

Curved in a smile


Closer and closer

He wants to escape

From those eyes

But he is paralyzed


She closes in

He doesn’t resist

Cause he already lost

As soon as he came



kitsune mask.jpg


She stares at me; eyes piercing,

Into my tell tale heart revealing,

“Why are you so sad?”

She asks, with eyes so clear.

I can’t stand it that she’s so near.

The distance between us

Hasn’t dulled her senses one bit.

Behind my smiling, masked face

She can see the turmoil and disgrace,

I can’t help but fill with hope:

She can be my saving grace.

But I glance to the side and see her,

The one who took my place.

The one who had stolen that position.

Against her I hold no regrets,

Only that I had let myself forget

In a couple of blessed, cursed seconds,

That I no longer have the right to covet

Her time and company.

Our friendship; no longer as strong

As deep, as intertwined,

As in love as it once was.

I feel myself breaking as I say,

“I’m just tired; that’s all.”

I laugh it off on the outside

As I wail and weep on the inside.

She stares back at me

And I can see her soul

Cracking at my dishonesty.

Say Goodbye

Say Goodbye.jpg


You’re too idealistic to broaden your perspective

You act like this world you are not a part

I’m too realistic to thoroughly believe you

It’s not your fault that we’ve fallen apart

I’m not sure which of us was first

To have that fatal change of heart

I do know that this is killing you

So let’s end this relationship that’s gone tart


I know you think you have the key

That you’re some kind of hero

Who’s answering his lady’s plea

However you don’t realize that

You’re not a doctor that can fix me

Even though I do need surgery

But at this point it’s a hopeless cause

No one can save me with all their healing


I’m being truthful and honest

So don’t come back and try to patronize

Win me back by telling all your lies

I know this part will hurt

But I will play the villain in order

That eventually once more you will rise

So take it all in when I say

“It’s time to say goodbye.”