You Took Too Long

Took to long


What does he want?

Last time they played,

Her love to him was a game.

This time though,

His intentions have changed.

But it may be to late!

She must have moved on!

How do you feel now, lover boy?

You took too long to realize it.

Has she left those feelings behind?

Is there any chance, even the slightest?

Questions in his mind,

Playing on repeat.

Find your way young man!

Fear not the questions in your way!

You’ll never learn unless you try:

This time stare deep into her eyes,

Even though she tries to pull away.

Grab hold of those feelings,

And dive back into her heart;

Take yourself back to the start.



Turtles May Dream

turtle dreams


If I am the most realistic person that you’ve met,

Then you must be the most delusional one I’ve.

The dreams you show me tempt me away from reality;

A dangerous fantasy envelops around my enclosed mind.

Don’t tempt my water-bound soul from it’s earthy way

A turtle may dream, but is never meant to fly with the eagles.

I don’t want to dream; don’t want to see; this beautiful disaster coaxing me.

If this is what you truly think I need; I’m now convinced you are truly evil.

My Mother Dearest



Tears fall off her face

That heart wrenching look

She tries again

To dial her mother

So far away for so long

But she can’t

Because her sobs

Shake her body so


Such an empty feeling

Another broken soul

He gazes up at the sky

As he sits beside her

But she’s not there

She’s 6 feet under

Just another day

Without her by his side


And yet another still

Screaming with frustration

On the other side of the door

She sits there quaintly

She doesn’t remember

Not a memory remains

An empty husk

Of someone she knew


But the only reason

That keeps them there

Is the love they have

That binds them to “her”

My mother dearest

So close to my heart

If something ever happened to you

I would simply fall apart

Oh What a Lovely Fool!

Tied up.jpg


I thought that I was holding you back

Dragging you down into the depths.

Keeping you from spreading your wings

Drowning you instead of letting you take flight.


But oh, what a lovely fool I am!

You were never in any harm; you were just fine

For you were the one tying me down

With strings made of my own device.


You are free to string me along as you wish

Without a care, since I am under your control;

Bound to you when I thought I was deceiving you.

Oh what a lovely fool! What a lovely fool I am!


Buyer Beware

Fairy tail girl.jpg


I can give you a fairy tale love,

A wonderful fireworks display of passion;

Everything you ever dreamed of.

But be forewarned:

If you hurt me

I will bind you up,

Throw you into an ocean of silence,

And make you feel every ounce of pain

That you put me through.

It’s Time to Breathe



What do you think you’re doing?

Come on, stop playing with me

Give me your attention and time or nothing

Don’t be so wishy washy

You don’t realize how certain I am about you

Does that scare you so much?

Being committed to just one only?


Your indecision is rubbing off on me

My heart is unsettled and scattered

Are you going to pick up those pieces?

It’s all your fault you know

Don’t hunt me down only to quit now

You’re confusing me, please

Stop this farce, let’s get back to the start


Why can’t we be crystal clear?

We’ve been swimming in murky waters too long

Let’s be honest; let’s cut to the chase

Don’t swim deeper to escape

Come back to the surface, no more games, I swear

I’m telling you this with honesty

Come here darling; it’s time to breathe