Tanka 2: Q & A

If I continue
to wait in the falling rain,
would you step outside
and join me even though you
too will get soaked to the bone?
If you continue
to wait in the falling rain,
I will step outside
and dance in the puddles that
embody all of our love.

At Odds

Heart & Mind


I don’t totally believe in my decision

I thought that I could hold true

But now I’m second guessing

What I truly wish to do


Both mind and heart are at odds

My mind a wisened, old man

My heart a young, love-blind fool

With equal weigh in demand


What to do? What to do?

On this path will I continue?

Or shall I stray off my course

And take a short cut to you?

You Took Too Long

Took to long


What does he want?

Last time they played,

Her love to him was a game.

This time though,

His intentions have changed.

But it may be to late!

She must have moved on!

How do you feel now, lover boy?

You took too long to realize it.

Has she left those feelings behind?

Is there any chance, even the slightest?

Questions in his mind,

Playing on repeat.

Find your way young man!

Fear not the questions in your way!

You’ll never learn unless you try:

This time stare deep into her eyes,

Even though she tries to pull away.

Grab hold of those feelings,

And dive back into her heart;

Take yourself back to the start.


But It Must Be

train tracks mountain.jpg


We are not bound by blood

But by understanding

You call yourself my brother

But your actions mislead me


We do not share a familial bond

But I feel it as if we do

The way you’ve been acting has

But made me question you


What is going on in your head?

But answer carefully

For this is the turning point

But it must be from you; answer truthfully