A girl destined to a life of captivity

She is the girl of the burning flame,

trapped in an unbreakable cage;

she longs to go out, but she will die if free,

so she remains a spectacle for all to see.



He took a long sip

From the taproot of

His dis-function:

An explanation

He constantly used to

Quote, unquote function;

When even he knew

That this self-prescription,

Was an all-consuming,

Endless addiction.


Writing used to be my escape

A tonic to heal me when I felt faint

Now I realise that it was a trick of fate

To catch me blinded in my head-strong trait

Deceived to think that it would be an open gate

Only to realize that I’ve rushed in− I’ve taken the bait

That’s why now, my very soul is the one that I most hate

Who is Belle?

You say you love me truely

But soon you will realize and find

That the love that I offer

Is cruel, hurtful and blind.

Yes, it’ll cause you to lose your mind.

You’ll feel it slowly unwind

And scatter into pieces

Like everyone else

Who ever touched me.

Despite the warnings that I’ve said

You still reach and call my name

In an endless refrain.

Do you know that it drives me insane?

Why do you continue to chase

In the name of my love?

Why continue to hurt yourself

Cause you won’t drop this game?

You call me your Belle

To your horrid, wretched Beast

When in reality I am the Beast

With only the appearance of Belle.

You were always Belle

Both inside your heart and out.

In only one way were you the Beast

And that was that you gave me

Your heart so unconditionally

With a vague hope that it’d be returned

Eventually, like in the movies.

But this is real life, not cinema

In the end, you’ll only be burned.


He’s on Top

She loved to make lists.

Her favorite one was

About things that she loved,

But could also harm her:

Vipers, scorpions, bears and sharks

Thorns, claws, talons and burrs

Tigers, tarantulas, wasps and hawks

Guns, swords, chemicals and liquor.

That’s where she placed him,

At the very top of the page.