Evening star.jpg


Do you feel that in the air tonight?

The smell of the night brings my soul to life.

Shading my parched soul from the draining light.

Reviving me in the darkness; the causes of others fright.


Come, look up at the sky!

The first star to breach the eventide.

The tranquility I find in this time, others deny.

Their opinions matter not to me, since you understand why.




Dance In The Rain

splashing puddle


Come fearful one,

And dance with me

In the pouring rain.

There is no reason

To be so shy

Or filled with shame.

All you have to do

Is stare deep into my eyes;

Listen to me softly calling your name.

Oh ye of little faith,

Put your faith in these all-mighty arms

That even the strongest waves,

I can immediately calm!

Pied Emotions

Black and White Photography.jpg


Can you tell how happy I am after all this time?

I am joyous over the clarifications of our past.

But now I’m certain of our own demise;

Cause this relationship will bring that to pass.


You string so much hope and trust onto me,

Things that I am unable to to provide.

I don’t want to mislead: cut yourself free,

And once more into darkness will I hide.


Then again, I don’t want to be left behind

Oh, lonely bitter cold darkness I reject

Let me be in the warmth of the sun by your side

I am torn between my feelings of accept or neglect


Turtles May Dream

turtle dreams


If I am the most realistic person that you’ve met,

Then you must be the most delusional one I’ve.

The dreams you show me tempt me away from reality;

A dangerous fantasy envelops around my enclosed mind.

Don’t tempt my water-bound soul from it’s earthy way

A turtle may dream, but is never meant to fly with the eagles.

I don’t want to dream; don’t want to see; this beautiful disaster coaxing me.

If this is what you truly think I need; I’m now convinced you are truly evil.

The Broken Door

broken door


What keeps you there, staying with that man

When all he is, is abusive and inhuman?

Everyday he stabs with words meant to tear right through ya.

Haven’t you learned from your mother before

Those wretched cries and the broken door

Couldn’t you see the broken hallelujah?


So yeah you say you’re in love with him

When even you know when he says he’s at the gym

That what he says is untrue; he’s just lyin’ to ya.

Get up and leave; what’s wrong with you?

Don’t you remember the abuse from your father too?

Leave before he destroys your hallelujah!