The Writer

Hey I’m the writer! Sorry that I’m being all ambiguous about my name! I just don’t want anyone to judge my site solely based on my appearance or name. Though by being all secretive, I expect there to be judgement anyways.

Writing has overall been something that I enjoy! I have always been good at writing, it was an area I was sure to get an easy A in. No doubt that helped my endearment for writing. However, up until recently, I had never considered it as a hobby, a career, a anything besides a necessity to get through school with. Through the encouragement of my family, friends and peers, I have decided to try my hand at creative writing, mainly poetry.

I would love to improve my poetry and writing skills through this page, but I can’t do that without advice and encouragement from you! So please spend some time to relax, read through my works and leave a comment or two! Right now I’m really feeling my poem Loop 47, so leave a comment how you feel about it as well! Also I write time to time on Wattpad, so check it out at

P.S. That random photo above is a part of my face, just a little teaser for those of you who were judging me before for not giving any hint to whether I was human or not. 😛

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