Welcome to The Fantastical Truth! Now you may wonder, “What? ‘The Fantastical Truth?’ That’s contradictory. Fantasy means imagination; truth means reality: it makes no sense.” My response is this: how do we know what is true or what is not? Does it have to make sense to be true? What we hold true is based on our experiences, and if we haven’t experienced it yet, who is to say that it isn’t real? In my view there is always some truth hidden in the unreal- holes in reality. In The Fantastical Truth, I want to write about both the fantastic and the real; they are equally important and are not whole without the other at its side.

Feel free to leave comments or advice on my writing, but please don’t be too mean. If you do, I will become depressed and never write again… Just kidding. All jokes aside, enjoy these poems as you see fit; they simply present a situation where you can make the relation. I truly hope that you relax and enjoy your time here.

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