Negligent Memory


I lay down and contemplate

The meaning of all my years

For them to just end up here

Blankly staring at the tiny fluorescent lights

That blur in and out of my focus

As my eyes constrict and dilate

To the steady thrumming of the bass

In the neighboring room

That grows louder and softer

When people enter and close the door

Who drink in the music in order

To drown themselves in nonchalance

So they won’t think of being stuck here

As other students laugh in the lounge

Playing Dungeon’s of Dragons

Because they can’t bear their age

And play in a final act of reliving a life

That they used to believe in wholeheartedly


The Last



You called me beautiful

But was it all lies?

Did you think it a joke

As you stared into my eyes?


Did you weave those tales

So that I could be easily led,

Without a heartbeat of struggle;

Not knowing the despair I would be in?


You said that you would love me:

Forever and ever more.

That was the first and last lie-

In fact any word, that I’ll ever fall for.

From the Beyond

the beyond.jpg


When the way of the world is at stake;

When heroes finally lose their way;

When darkness mires kings and states;

When the prisons are freed of their inmates;

When truth and justice slowly die;

When in the catacombs the good hide;

When all hope begins to fail;

When the forces of evil assail;

Then the Beyond will rise against them;

To rouse the people together for war;

But alone will be left to face fate;

The end of faith at Death’s gate.


Closing In



He sees her standing

As he enters the room

No one else watches

Except her


No matter where he moves

Her eyes remain on him

Sharp, unerveing



She starts walking

Circling him

The Huntress

The Bird of Prey


The beauty of power

That she wears smoothly

As her lipstick

Curved in a smile


Closer and closer

He wants to escape

From those eyes

But he is paralyzed


She closes in

He doesn’t resist

Cause he already lost

As soon as he came