Big Titans



These are the days

When the readers become writers

And the writers the words


These are the days

When the audience becomes the speakers

And the speakers the movement


These are the days

When the listeners become the singers

And the singers the score


These are the days

When the watchers become the players

And the players the game


These are the days

When the followers become the leaders

And the leaders the example


These are the days

When the present becomes the story

And the story the lesson


These are the days

When the old makes way for the new

And the old becomes the path

On which little giants

Learn to fill the footsteps

Of the big titans before them



Ladies, ladies

Standing around the corner


Waiting, waiting

For someone to take them home

Come and talk to them

You don’t even need to know her

Anyone, anyone

You can take one if you feel alone


No commitments

You can take and do whatever you like

Only, only

If you’re willing to pay for the night


Never, never

Complains that you’re not her type

She can go back

Before the sun has shone it’s light


Strictly business

No one has to know

What goes on between the two of you

Will only be known by the falling snow







She struggles awake to stay

She loses a little more control every day

And sleeps entire days away

Only to wake once again

To falling back asleep

Morning, noon, and eve

The more she sleeps the more she dreams

Of when her world consisted of he

Now nevermore to be

She stays asleep

But in the night she lies awakes

Kept awake by every word, every mistake

An apology she cannot make

Time she cannot take

She cannot sleep

As dawn crosses the sky

Once more enchanting sleep covers her eyes

Still away in dreams she flies

Herself she tries to deny

In sleep to see him

She’ll never be the same again

To love one person more than a friend

Perhaps she will always sleep

And find rest instead

When she is dead